Doghealthco™ - Interactive Dog Toy

Doghealthco™ - Interactive Dog Toy

Doghealthco™ - Interactive Dog Toy

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Keep you dog entertained while watching over the health of their teeth.

Are you making sure your dog's teeth stays healthy?

Most dogs today are not using their teeth as they are supposed to. Our Doghealthco™ Interactive Dog Toy help maintain your dog's teeth while keeping them entertained.

The Doghealthco™ is a perfect inside toy thanks do its durable rope and suction cup that allows for both pulling and chewing. By filling the toy with a reward, the dog becomes naturally attracted to the toy.

  • Healthy for the dog's teeth and gums - K eeping your dog's teeth and gums healthy will help prevent oral pain. A buildup of plaque containing bacteria can potentially cause organ damage if the bacteria manage to find its way to the bloodstream.

  • Durable rope and suction cup - Unlike traditional chewing toys, the rope and suction cup on the Interactive Dog Toy allows for pulling in addition to chewing. 

  • Take the toy Anywhere - The  Doghealthco Interactive Dog Toy is the perfect size and can be set up almost anywhere. This is convenient both when traveling with your dog, or when leaving your dog home alone.

  • Different shapes - The Interactive Dog Toy comes in two different shapes to best suit you dog.

  • You dog will love it - Perhaps most importantly, the Interactive Dog Toy will be loved by your dog.

In addition, our Doghealthco™ Interactive Dog Toy ensures that you save time and money. Inconvenient vet visits can be expensive and can cause many people financial distress. To avoid spending money on several toys that does not do its job, buy the Doghealthco™ Interactive Dog Toy and see for yourself.

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